European Security Research Programme – A chance to make a point

The European Commission is consulting about the Security Research Programme it is funding under the 7th Research Framework Programme; the purpose of this consultation is to inform the way security research will be funded under the next research framework programme from 2014 onwards.
The consultation ends on 15 May 2011 – there isn’t a lot of time to respond. QCEA has worked hard to compose a meaningful response to a consultation which focuses on a lot of issues we don’t think are critical and doesn’t focus on the issues which we think are:

  • the fact that a number of the big players in the military industry have been instrumental in the conception and framing of the programme and in obtaining funding for their research projects
  • the fact that it is dominated by industry interested in security hardware and software rather than by research into the causes of conflict and the means to solve conflicts non-violently
  • the fact that there is a real risk that the next security research programme will include overtly military research
  • the fact that questions of ethics in relation to security – privacy, civil liberty, dual use, the legality and ethics of the business practices of companies involved in the research projects to name but the most obvious ones.

You can read QCEA’s response to the consultation – but more than that, you can respond to the consultation yourself. You can, of course, use some or all of our response as a model. But time is short – you have two more days.

About Martina Weitsch

Martina worked for Quaker Council for European Affairs as one of two Joint Representatives from 2002 to October 2012. Her main areas of work were the EU role in Palestine/Israel, EU peacebuilding, conflict prevention and crisis management, EU finances, democratic accountability and relations with the European Investment Bank.

One comment

  1. Gordon Thomas

    An excellent response drawing-out some very valid points, completely not served by the scope of this consultation document. Well done!

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