Another consultation – more on EU Research Programme

No, you’re not seeing double. There is another EU consultation also related to the Research Programme. This one, though, is about the Green Paper on the Common Strategic Framework for Future EU Research and Innovation Funding. So this covers all EU Research Funding – or so you might think. Well, it doesn’t, actually, because there is also research funding available in other EU budgets. But this is about the successor to the EU Research Framework Programme 7 (FP7) when this finishes in 2013.

So why is QCEA working on EU research funding?

First: because the Security Research Programme (see our response to that consultation) is part of this and any policy development relating to the whole programme will affect Security Research;

Second: because there are a number of other areas of EU funded research which relate to QCEA programme areas. They include: Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Agriculture (in terms of agro-fuels), transport, and socio-economic sciences and humanities;

Third: because the areas of nonsciences, space, nuclear science, and information and communication technology are all of concerns in the context of the peace, human rights and economic justice agenda;

Fourth: because the way research is funded, how the funding is managed, who has influence over this, and how civil society are engaged in the process are imporant aspects of democratic research governance;

Fifth: because the ethics of some of the research projects and the ethics of some of those organisations and companies involved in them warrant closer examination;

Finally, because the EU research and innovation agenda is far to industry and growth driven and it is important that there are some voices which speak up for a different agenda.

So, we’ve done another response to another consultation – you can still respond yourself: until Friday 20 May 2011. And you can look at our response and additional paper we have submitted. You can of course as always use some or all of our response to inform your own. And please let us know what you think of our response. We need your feedback.


About Martina Weitsch

Martina worked for Quaker Council for European Affairs as one of two Joint Representatives from 2002 to October 2012. Her main areas of work were the EU role in Palestine/Israel, EU peacebuilding, conflict prevention and crisis management, EU finances, democratic accountability and relations with the European Investment Bank.

One comment

  1. Anne Brewer

    I think your response to this consultation is excellent. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on the need for research to further genuine societal objectives such as increasing human security and not to simply help industry to produce more ‘stuff’! I am very grateful that QCEA is there doing all this great work on our behalf. Thank you.

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