European Commission Green Paper on Detention

The European Commission has published a Green Paper on Detention which seeks to explore the extent to which detention (pre-trial and post-trial) affects mutual trust amongst Member States (MS). For example one MS holds suspects for up to 4 years in pre-trial detention. Would you want to be extradited to that MS if you were suspected of committing a crime there when you were on holiday for instance?

The Green Paper is the basis of a public consultation to find out what a wide range of practitioners (judges, prosecutors, lawyers etc.), prison administrations, NGOs, private citizens and governments think about the issues raised. There are 10 questions to respond to.

We believe that the Consultation has the potential to influence EU criminal justice priorities in the years to come so it is important that as many people as possible respond to it.

QCEA has already sent its response to the Commission. Now it’s your turn. We hope you will support QCEA’s response.

Read our Question and Answer briefing on why the EU is interested in detention conditions in the Member States,  on why there is a Green Paper on the issue, and what specifically QCEA wants you to do.

Send it by email to:

Send it by post to:  European Commission, Directorate-General Justice, Unit B1 – Procedural Criminal Law, MO59/ 03/068, B-1049 Brussels, Belgium

Please note that the closing date is 30 November 2011.


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Martina worked for Quaker Council for European Affairs as one of two Joint Representatives from 2002 to October 2012. Her main areas of work were the EU role in Palestine/Israel, EU peacebuilding, conflict prevention and crisis management, EU finances, democratic accountability and relations with the European Investment Bank.
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