Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – The European Commission Consultation

QCEA is preparing our response to the European Commission consultation on the Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism, proposed to be included in the EU-US free trade agreement known as TTIP. You can receive QCEA’s model answer when it is ready in May, by signing up to our action alerts, and you are of course free to use it as part of your own response. In the meanwhile, here is a guest post by former QCEA Representative Martina Weitsch.


As promised in my previous blog on TTIP, here’s some information about how you can respond to the European Commission consultation on TTIP.

European Commission Consultations – what are they for?

I could be cynical about this: the European Commission does lots of consultations. You can see them all (open ones and closed ones) on their webpage called Your Voice in Europe. And the number of these has grown over the years.

Whether they are effective or not depends on your view of what effectiveness is. In general, they get a relatively low number of responses from business and NGOs; some responses come from national, regional and local government affected by the issues. They are often not very well drafted or framed and very often they are multiple choice questions where none of the options really captures what one might want to say.

But it is important to use…

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