New report on European Quakers’ response to forced migration


Credit: John Hood (CC)

It has been said that Quakers have a simple faith in a complicated world. It is an experimental faith, a doing faith.

Each generation has faced situations that have challenged their faith, and Quakers have responded according to their individual understanding of the situation and their calling. Quakers today face many challenges: climate change, seemingly unending wars, the ever more powerful arms industry, and forced migration resulting from conflict and from climate change.

As they always have, Quakers respond as their individual consciences dictate. QCEA has just published a report on the Quaker response to the problem of forced migration. It looks at where Quakers are working, what they are doing, and what is working well. It also includes recommendations for change that have come from the understanding of the problem developed through Quakers’ work in this area. The goal of this effort is to develop and facilitate Quaker networks to enable sharing of the lessons learned, to understand what works and why, and to support and sustain these efforts.

You can find the report here.


Photo: Kate McNally

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